About White Star Memories

White Star Memories (WSM) is an international exhibition company dealing exclusively with telling the story of the all too brief life of the RMS Titanic and the illustrious history of the famed shipping company, the White Star Line. With current exhibitions on the RMS Queen Mary at Long Beach in California, USA and in Sydney, Australia, White Star Memories have cemented themselves as the world's premier Titanic and White Star Line exhibition company.

However, unlike many other Titanic related exhibitions, WSM have a novel way of telling the sad plight of the Titanic through an interactive display of pictures and choice artefacts set in a thought provoking and immersive environment and it doesn't end there, as plans are under way to look at VR (virtual reality) and augmented reality to take exhibitions to the next level and really bring the elegance of the Titanic to life. Amongst the many world firsts, in their Queen Mary exhibition WSM are displaying the only known surviving lifeboat from a White Star Line vessel - lifeboat number 2 from the SS Nomadic, itself the last surviving White Star Line ship.